The convenience of sliding verandas

The installation of these structures involves the laying of glass panels that do not interfere with the design of the building and do not require masonry work. Furthermore, once fully open, the veranda will occupy a minimum footprint that will not affect the living space available to you.

Once installed, the glass verandas will isolate the outdoor space, creating an environment with a temperate climate (to which is added the possibility of installing a small air conditioning system for the coldest days).

Sliding glass verandas, the best choice for design and functionality

Few elements affect the way of living the house like sliding glass verandas.

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Unlike a normal “fixed” veranda, the sliding model can be completely opened so as to take up minimal space. Creating an additional environment where you can relax or use as a greenhouse.

The sliding systems do not have particular needs regarding their maintenance, on the contrary, the possibility of moving or rotating the different doors will simplify the cleaning phases patio enclosures in Columbia, SC.

The advantages of sliding glass verandas

Installing a glass veranda outside your terrace or in the courtyard means reducing noise pollution at the entrance and increasing the living space. The verandas also improve the thermal insulation of the house and are part of the interventions covered by the eco-bonuses for energy efficiency.

During the summer it will be sufficient to open the doors completely and the veranda will simply “disappear”, allowing you to live your outdoor spaces normally.

Making a veranda for balconies is a solution to take advantage of the space both in the summer and in the winter months . Terraces, balconies and porches are in fact pleasant spaces to live in during the hot season, but are often “abandoned” during the winter. There are many solutions and the prices of the verandas built on the terraces are variable , depending on the materials , sizes and types chosen.

Balconies, porches and terraces in the summer are open spaces that can be exploited in many ways: furnished, shaded and enriched with plants and greenery, they ensure maximum comfort. Unfortunately, with the arrival of winter these environments are used less and less and in order not to give up these spaces, an excellent solution is to close balconies and porches, building winter gardens and verandas for balconies and terraces.