The annual home maintenance checklist

Some of us would choose to spending a Weekend on a scaffold raking leaves from a gutters if gets the opportunity. However, when the house is your largest purchase, as that of the majority of individuals upkeep is a necessary. House upkeep may be intimidating, especially for first-time homeowners. For such people handyman in my area in Sterling, VA is best firm for their help. A house changes with the weather, waking up in the springtime and hibernating in the wintertime. Following this naturally curve throughout the year and pay attention to the details, and your home will function similar to well-oiled machinery.

  • Spring clean up: Begin by picking up any residual leaves from the wintertime and spreading fertilizer in your potted plants and around your bushes. Plants would be protected from dryness and bugs will be kept at bay with a light covering of mulching. Inspect your outdoor valves for damages before turning them back on. Now would be the opportunity to extend your yearly lawn maintenance agreement if you want to hire a lawn care agency to manage your properties and trim your grass.
  • Trees: When you have any plants on your land, get them evaluated by professional arborists, who could really look for symptoms of disease or broken limbs, and spot issues before they can become serious enough to destroy a plant. The casual observer may overlook symptoms of deterioration, and a dead or injured tree may be dangerous to both you and the family.
  • Paint: External paint is attractive and preserves your tiles from decay and water damage. Check for paintwork that is flaking or peeling. It’s possible that you’ll require a touch-up or a new layer of paint. If you intend to engage a specialist, start planning in the springtime so that the job is finished by the end of the summertime.
  • Inspect: Take a long walk along the outside of the home to see whether the cement has any fractures. Is the entrance in decent shape? Look for evidence of loosened or damaged tiles on the rooftop


Hope in the next spring you will check the above mentioned checklist.