Know how to Rejuvenate your massage experience

Day spa treatments have evolved into the ideal method to rest and unwind amid a serene setting, away from the madding masses. Today, spas offer a bewildering assortment of options that may leave you perplexed. Thus, spa near me in Frisco, TX offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Lifestyle therapies in addition to spa beauty treatments. Aside from massage, the professionals at Hand & Stone Spa provide radiant facial service that will rejuvenate your facial features and beautify your complexion with regular appointments.

Customized Body care

The spa provides a calm environment in which re-energizing is the utmost priority. Customers will also be treated by a qualified and professional aesthetician who will use top body care products to get amazing results. Aside from that, massage therapies such as anti-ageing skincare alternatives, peels, exfoliation, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and others are available. Inquire about our Signature Hot Stone Massage, which is designed to help you relax after a long day at work. As a consequence, the customer’s happiness is prioritised, and the spa is personalised to the customer’s tastes.

Variety of Massages

Hand & Stone spa offer expert massage services for a number of different massage types depending on your preference where Swedish massage is distinguished by lengthy, flowing strokes of muscles and tissue with pressure ranging from mild to medium to firm, Deep Tissue  massage employs slow, deep guided strokes and intense pressure to alleviate acute tension and penetrate underneath the superficial muscles, Trigger point massage uses finger press on each trigger point to avoid muscular soreness and spasms and the most important Prenatal massage where positioning, pillows, and cushions are utilised to promote support, minimise pressure, and boost relaxation for both body and mind for expecting moms.

Thus, Hand & Stone Spa offers a broad choice of specialist massages, facials, and enhancements to help you regain your natural radiance for as little as $129.95, and to maximise your comfort, we are open all week so that you and your loved ones do not miss out on having a good and peaceful time.