How to save on direct mail costs

Knowing your direct mail expenses is among the finest measures you could do to gauge the performance of your promotional campaign. Once you know how much you invest in design, printing, shipping, and other expenditures, you could calculate your budget per unit and marketing ROI. And do not be afraid to invest in mass mailings! There are strategies to reduce your expenditures by balancing them against other variables in your strategy. Consider the following factors to develop a great direct mail in Ottawa, ON advertisement while keeping expenses reasonable.


Keep your data in shape

Accurate data fuels direct mail marketing quality and productivity, so get it properly! Minimize or remove the hazard of Undeliverable as Addressed mail caused by outdated, insufficient, or duplicated records.

The USPS’s National Change of Address registry captures fresh migrants. All Advertising Mail and presort rate First Priority Mail should be revised within ninety-five days after sending.

In addition to the economic listing hygiene options, the postal system offers many pre-processing contact record technologies. In addition, if your location correction or matching technology has earned Coding Accuracy Supporting Systems Accreditation, you may be eligible for lower prices.


Focus on segments

Segmentation merits a fresh perspective as a means of identifying savings as well as developing new prospects for growth. Using the RFM concept, prioritize those clients who should receive much more of your focus with letters.

Your top clients are the ones who have purchased the most lately, the most regularly, and have spent more money. Other categories that can be segmented include age, gender, economic level, and much more.


Test and keep testing

Begin your promotion with a baseline or controls and a response rate. Next, evaluate several factors that might also result in cheaper expenses, a greater response percentage, or whichever your desired outcome is.

Whenever you examine one factor twice (A/B or splitting test) or multiple factors in combinations send a number that is lower enough not to shatter your finances however big enough to still be statistically meaningful. The different factors which you can consider are price, mailer format, and many more.